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A skins-type teen who originates from Oxford. Usually from schools such as Cherwell, Magdalen, Leckford, Abingdon, Oxford High, Cokethorpe (at a push) etc. Extremely sociable, found wandering around oxford's streets after midnight in a drunken manner most weekends.

Characteristics include:

-Being able to talk about the pros and cons of shisha for 20 mins

- Having at least one moomoos/shakeaway loyalty card stuck on the wall.

- Knowing how to escape from uni parks when it gets locked at midnight

- Having the ability to tell another Oxford Kid a tree in uni parks.. and the kid knows exactly which one it is

- Knowing that turl street mews is the only place to go for cigarettes.

- HMV is the undisputed meeting place for ANYTHING.

- You find yourself on cowley or iffley road most weekends

- You know/ know of just about everyone you meet who is your age.

- You hate every single teddies student. and they hate you back.
Teddies student 1: Have you seen the new girl?

Teddies student 2: Oh my goodness yes! She's a complete oxford kid .
by shishalover. March 23, 2010
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There are certain groups of people who THINK that they're Oxford kids but trust me if you are any of the following you are not a true Oxford kid.

-A student at Cheney, Gregs, Matthew Arnorld or Spires who doesn't live in the city centre
-A boarder who doesn't have strong associations with Oxford when on leave
-Anyone from the suburbs or suburbia
I can't believe she thinks she can pass for an Oxford Kid in her Cheney uniform!
by A.S.W June 01, 2014
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