The modern-day equivalent of a PhD in History from a top University. At least, according to the arguments I've read on Youtube.
Person 1: In Oxford yet?
Person 2: No need, I've watched Oversimplified WW2.
by Laurie Cathal November 20, 2020
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"Wow, great job Ethan, very impressive. By the way. What happened to that other guy we sent to take the fort?"
"Benedict Arnold."
"Never heard of him."
by LAZARBOT August 28, 2019
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a youtube channel that is obsessed with history.
"Where did George Washington live?"
"He lived in Virginia."
"How'd you know?"
by zit224 April 4, 2019
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When it takes 11 months to make a new video
Looks like this is gonna be an OverSimplified video, so dear faithful viewers don't expect much on my channel for at least a year.
by IntergalactalEnergy August 26, 2023
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