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Overly-exited is the term used to describe someone who poops, pees, gets in a coma, has a seizure, dies, or has any kind of severe reaction to the mere sight of FREE WATER.

These kind of people are highly dangerous to hang out with cause they have bad timing and are uncontrollable. Overly-exited people have their own beaches to go to so they can do whatever they want in the ocean without nobody figuring out a clue. Only problem is when you see what the tides brought in...;
Frozen Lemonade vendor: Want some free water? -shows a bottle of water-
Overly-exited person: OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just shitted, peed, and oh! I think I'm having a seizure! -faints, gets coma, and dies-
Passerby: There goes another overly-exited person..
Another passerby: Yup. Hey have you heard of the guy who shitted a fire hydrant of FREE WATER?
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