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1.when a word has more then ten definitions in the dictionary, mostly due to multiple possible uses.

2. when a word has over ten meanings on, just because an assload of people had to give their own personal touch on it and feal important in this way. The definitions usually mean the same damn thing but have been slightly modified to better fit one's vocabulary or style. On rare events, this occurs because one was unaware the word already existed on urbandictionary and thought they'd be wise to put it up. This can also be called originality theft.
1. the word set has to have something like 30 meanings... it's overdicted.

2. abercrombie has over 160 meanings on urbandictionary, I think at least 100 of them mean the same damn thing... when did overdiction become cool?

I overdicted a word I thought wasn't up and I just realized... I think I'm a victim of originality theft.
by boredandhassled July 11, 2009
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