OvenBreak(later to become Cookie Run) is a mobile game created by DevSisters Corp. in 2009. In OvenBreak, you play as Brave Cookie(later renamed GingerBrave), collecting jellies and running to escape the Witch who is eating the cookies she bakes. You, Brave, refuse to be eaten alive, and begin to run as far as possible, doing what you can to score as many points and last as long as you can. You also collect Freedom Jellies(later changed to Alphabet Jellies) to get a score bonus (later changed to Fever, then to BonusTime). The franchise was renamed Cookie Run with the release of LINE/KAKAO Cookie Run in the early 2010s. The franchise still stands strong today, with the latest game being Cookie Run: OvenBreak, which released in 2016.
“Hey man, whatcha playing?”
Oh cool! What’s your high score?”
“Around 20 million.”
by ShardzRR December 2, 2020
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A mobile game that features a gingerbread named GingerBrave who comes to life and helps other cookies escape the witch's kitchen. The gameplay is similar to Subway Surfers, Mario Bros, and Candy Crush. All you have to do is run, pick up jellies for points, collect coins, and obtain more cookies.
"Hey, do you play Cookie Run: Ovenbreak?"
"Yea, how many cookies you've obtained?"
"Cool i have 75 cookies."
"lets play it sometime."
by ItzTheJoker701 September 10, 2020
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Yea so basically you have cookies and your run with them then you espose from the oven and that’s the tutorial. Then you have different modes, skin, different cookies with unique skills and much more but I won’t spoiler anymore

P.s. this was made to convince my friend BSSandwich to play Cookie Run: OvenBreak
Me- oh boy I sure love Cookie Run: OvenBreak!
BSSandwich- what is its lol
Me- Æ
by SiComeSonoIo January 26, 2021
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