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One can be considered by his or her peers to be out of form, formless, a no former or a zero former after an incident that has resulted in a person giving an extremely poor effort. Once out of form, legend has it that one can return to form through a near perfect, almost god like action but most realistic people know that this is impossible.

When you are out of form it is best to just accept it, learn to take the blame for things that are not your fault, get used to words like Daah and Haa and hope that someday your form will return (although it won't).
(Person 1) Matt Metcher is out of form.
(Person 2) I agree.
(Person 3) Indeed.
(Person 4) He is rather low on form, almost a no former.
(Person 5) What are you guys talking about?
(Person 1) Metcher's low form.
(Person 5) Oh, low form? I thought he had been classified as a no former.
(Person 2) So we all agree, Metcher is formless?
(All) Yes quite formless.
by Year 12 JPC February 21, 2010
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