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A person you have no chance with dating/hooking up with because they are considered much more attractive, popular, intelligent or more successful than you are. They would prefer someone who is equal to them in these areas than someone who is lower.
guy 1: Did you see that girl at my work? I really want to date her.
guy2: Forget it she is way out of my league so she'll never wanna be with you.
guy1: ;(
by NoIt'sMyHorse January 01, 2015
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Not the person that would date me.

Not in my class.

No someone who would like me.

Someone I don't have a chanche with.
by Billy12456789 November 22, 2010
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a person who is not in your classsocial,physical,etc.
i like to court her but she's out of my league i bet she would never date a ordinary guy like me
by Nery May 10, 2008
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