Otsego is a city located in Michigan, a town in Minnesota, and a county in New York. Wayne Static of Static-X attended college near Otsego Michigan. He found the town so depressing that he named the song "Otsegolation" after it. On every album after the first there is an Otsego song: Otsego Undead, Otsegolectric, and finally Otsego Amigo. The reason why three more Otsego songs were writen is unclear.
Listen to all four Otsego songs and figure it out.
by Josh Bessler June 19, 2005
A school consisting of only Hicks, emos, hoes, fuckboys and different combinations of the like.
But Otsego high school is still better than Plainwell.
by Neckderpp July 8, 2015
Otsego High School is a school in Otsego, Michigan. If you’re looking for a high school that has a bunch of white, conservatives look no further. The school consists of losers, popular athletes, and hicks.
Otsego High School is so full of hicks and yee-yees.
by Mike Akesbig January 13, 2021
The worst fucking school in Michigan which consists of the biggest thots and fuckboys that get pounded by 6'5" lightskins and get prego for fun. Also has the most basic and shitty mascot in the world 'The Bulldogs'
Plainwell is 10x better than Otsego High School
by joegers October 9, 2021