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The concept of a man or woman who has both sexual reproductive organs mixed into a single, convenient & complex organ. A person with an OstrichCamel can cause their penis to protrude out of their vagina or retract it back in, thus revealing their OstrichCamel.

Despite rumor, this does not enable the host to act as an asexual being. However, two hosts who both have OstrichCamels have more control over intercourse in the following ways: (1) the ability to choose the baby’s gender (with concentration) and, (2) When one person retracts their penis into their vagina, the other person's penis automatically protrudes.
Ron: "You have an OstrichCamel?”
Susan: “Is that going to be a problem?”
Ron: “Nah. Just keep it in vagina mode when you’re with me.”

Dr. Jackson: "Why doesn't it hurt you when I kick your balls?"
Homeless man: "Because I have an OstrichCamel."
Dr. Jackson: "Oh ok."
by tothewillymobile October 03, 2010
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