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1; synonymous with the term "queerbait" 2; The figurehead of CCHS who dictates the day with a scowl of his peto-mustache and threats of budget cuts. His life revolves around his coin collection, daily masculine hygiene routines, sending prayers to Hosanna and stealing clothes from gravesites from the late 70s era. Before he was a fascist principal, he donated his wardrobe to be used in the film Anchorman" and he used to be the drummer for Blue Oyster Cult. Wittled away from the years of alcohol and substance abuse, he went to a motivational speech and he decided to turn his life around. He has a tattoo of John Petrucci of Dream Theatre flying over fiery mountains on his chest. He is currently wanted for phishing and identity theft in 4 states.
Patrick C; "ARUGGHHHH"
Dr. Jackson; "God dammit you little shit"
by Chumbucket Corndip May 27, 2014
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