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A german based company, with a foothold in Palm Harbor Florida and in the DR. No one lasts very long. Your more likely to be fired or laid off, than to have a chance to quit. Regular layoffs around Christmas every year(at least 10 people). In 2011 they had an employ appreciation lunch less than a week before letting 18 go. "make sure you hold on to your ticket stub we have prizes after lunch." I won a free second burger, I'm not even sure if it was beef but i was so hungry which really sucks cause I'm JEWISH ya muthafucking NAZI!!!
Dude1: I'm so glad my dad's insurance covered his new pacemaker, yeah top of the line good old Oscor engineering.

Disgruntled Oscor employe: No don't put that shit in his body he'll Fucking die.
by mattymcmattamus August 10, 2012
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