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A supreme fear of dangerous flying objects known as birds - dirty, annoying creatures with feathers and (perhaps) tiny hair.
Jen's ornithophobia causes her to scream when birds fly by, even when she's in the car. In fact it's so bad, she is afraid of large groups of butterfies.
by Jeremy Lane August 23, 2005
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A severe and exaggerated fear of birds. Sufferers of this phobia might fear that they will be attacked by a bird or may simply be uncomfortable around them. They would usually fear their fluttering wings, the way they move, the way they fearlessly fly towards people hoping for food, the texture of feathers, the fear of disease or any combination of these. Birds can also be loud, large and menacing, and they can demonstrate little fear of humans.
The phobia itself causes heart palpitations, sweating, nervousness, and avoidance behavior in those who suffer from Ornithophobia. Without treatment the phobia can become life-limiting.
"Dude did you see Kimberly run away from that bird?"
"Yeah, she has ornithophobia."
by Milaahh April 23, 2013
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