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Orlev a crazy, random person you can depend on SOMETIMES! i can't tell if it's a he or she but here are some things that orlev's do
1) her mom packs her lunch for her and tucks her into bed
2) she studies math with her father and thinks its "chilling with the old man"
3) is weirdly in love with rainbows
4) thinks shes the shit...when shes not!
5) likes to sleep with teddy bears
6) goes to bed with her mother when she has a bad dream
7) is great to hang out with if you want to have sex, fun, and boos
8) weirdest person you can possibly meet
9) usually have A.D.D
10) tells there mom their social problems and she helps and tries to fix them
Anything that you want to make fun of is Orlev!

Fast and Furious the most vibrant person you can ever see on the face of the earth

the biggest baby you can ever meet!

has a great personality and that what pulls you into loving her

Fastest talker alive

When you talk to her you want to pull your hair out
by Orlev February 02, 2009
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