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Also "Cidolfas Orlandu," named for the character in Final Fantasy Tactics. Any figure or player considered to be extremely unbalancing, to the point that his very existence could almost be considered cheating. A one-man army capable of walking up to just about any enemy and tearing a new terminal end in said enemy's alimentary canal.
Did you see that?! He just went all Cidolfas Orlandu on that sucker! The guy never stood a chance!
by Keepin' It Real April 04, 2004
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A character on Final Fantasy Tactics. He has a cult with one member revolving around himself and his "bastard son" Sabin started by some annoying douchebag with the username TurbidCurrent on GameFAQs, who trolls various boards with unfunny alts and unwavering loyalty to his "gods". According to TurbidCurrent, Orlandu is real, and is the god of thunder and/or Cids. His raw power is apparently only equaled by some gay wrestler called the Shaman of Sexy. The stupid fucktard claims that Chuck Norris is Orlandu's mortal enemy, and insists that he is actually Skeletor in disguise. Unsurprising, TurbidCurrent shits himself and starts fagging out whenever someone mentions the Chuck Norris Facts, and often talks about someone named Kelly Stone kicking Chuck's ass.
Random guy: what the hell is this n00b TurbidCurrent going on about?

Other guy: He's talking about Orlandu, that old man from FFT. Turbid wants his cock.

TurbidCurrent: Your Mother wants his cock, sparky. The SRO Foundation wants YOU!
by HyperDriver20003 February 10, 2008
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