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An Orita is an intelligent girl that has a mind of a mature human being but the thoughts of a child. They are sexy asf and always will stick by your side. They are loyal and creative. They are great at anything when it has something to do with words like, riddles, word searches, spelling, meanings and other stuff. They are lit, funny, cool, and chill. They are well known but don’t even know it.
OMG isn’t that Orita! She’s so friendly and cool!

I wish I was an Orita.

Yo! Bro isn’t that Orita?! She so damn she’s fine asf!
by Queen yazzz June 02, 2018
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A girl that’s really intelligent and sweet. She’s goofy and freaky. She may seem quiet at first but she can be really crazy and funny once you get to know her. You wouldn’t want to make her mad because, it is scary when she is.
Girl1: Who is that??
Girl2: That is Orita. You should talk to her. She’s really nice
by Queen yazzz September 08, 2018
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