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A well known club on, people from other clubs reckon it's full of 'wemos' but it's not really once ina will post something about someone dying or getting ill, some of them, not saying all of them are normally fake, some are true though sadly ):. Then you'll get some noob pretening to be someone else in a tinypic which a bit stupid because they've gone on google and typed 'scene girl' or whatever and clicked on the first one they find and then claim its them, then you'll have some 'boy' (really a girl) posting a picture of Alex Evans saying that's 'him' (her). They don't really have populars, we have well known. You also get some virtual people and some people writing a story.

The club is owned by Robin, people make fake accounts and pretend to be Robin's dad or mother or whatever, some people will find them funny and other people will find them really annoying. In the end there's an army of them.
Also it's known as OC and let me tell you now OC IS AMAZING!
wemo;my dad died today and my brother died like a year ago so now i am on my own in care and i get picked on waa im gonna lyk go and die
next day;
wemo; ii'V3 TURN3D SC3N3 RAWRRR

normal people of oc; erm you said you died yesterday
wemo; 0H Y34HHH ITS H3R Sii$T4 Mii $ii$T4 Dii3D D0N4T3

noob girl 1; -posts picture-
normal person; dude, that's so on google.
noob girl 1; no it's not ur just jealous.
norma person; post a proof pic then.
noob girl 1; - logs off and never logs back on-

noob shemale; -posts pic of alex evans
normal person; dude that's alex evans.
noob shemale; -logs off and never logs back on-

Robin's 'dad' ; today robin had a poo
people who love them; LOL
people who hate them; SHUT UP YOU STUPID NOOB

me; originalclub is pretty awesome.
by EdGi; May 13, 2010
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Back when Stardoll was in it's pre-puberty stages, they decided to add Clubs to the website. OriginalClub was the first club. It was owned by 'robin'. Everything was fine until you fast forward a few more years. OriginalClub still going strong, people now thinking they're better than everybody, but now, a new website has spread like the plague. Tinychat. Then, it happened. A user decide to strip in a Tinychat room made for Stardoll (mostly OriginalClub) members. This member was underage, and with the link linked on a topic in a club on Stardoll it sparked much controversy within the website. Soon enough, the club was deleted and many strict rules were placed within the community. Soon, a new OC was made. Even though people thought that everyone would have learnt from the first mistake, things kept happening and OC kept getting banned, 'till one day when the club was banned for good and no one was able to create a new one. So everyone moved to a new, also extremely active club, one of which OriginalClub wold most probably be 'at war' with, until that club would deleted and all of us, including the original members of that club would migrate to a new one. This went on for many, many clubs. Suddenly, the OriginalClub ban was lifted and someone create it once again. By this time, nearly everyone had given up and left Stardoll. Some moved on with their lives, some moved to iDressup. Many stayed, hoping that OriginalClub could be what it once was.
Person 1: Why are you so perverted and bitchy?
Person 2: I grew as a member of OriginalClub
by robinstardoll March 13, 2014
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A club on Stardoll that is run by a 'boy.' It is filled with perverts, 'spies' and cry babies. They think the other clubs are out to get them so they spy on them and make topics about it in their club. Then play stupid pranks on the other clubs. Also they write letters and bag on all the other clubs because they think they're top shit. Also filled with attention seekers and wanna-bees.
Original Club er1: OMG APG are making topics about us again. They're so annoying! And i'm so super cool because i spy on them. It should like so be my profession when i'm older

OCer2: OMG I LUFF YOUR MEDOLLI You'r so fxxking popular wanna make out?

OCer1: Not with you but with the owner, his doll is so hot

Sensible 'spying' ALer: WTF? It's probs not even a him and it's not even real!


OCer3: I'm going to FC

OCer2: Whore!!!!!!!!!!! Traitor!

OCer4: OMG look at me I'm Demi Lovato!

OCer1: OMG i like love you, wanna make virtual babies?

OCer3: I'm back! I missed you guys too much! I love Originalclub! It's so normal!
by mystery chick January 29, 2010
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A club run by a guy named Robin, who neglects his club entirely and the last post he made in the club was when he first made the club.
In OC, you MUST worship the populars, or you will be attacked by ass kissers.

All of their dolls are wemo and trashy and have nothing but piercings.
They can't take a joke, have no sense of humor and love to make fun of others who haven't been here very long.
wemo: zomg lyk ur doll iz soooo cool! it has a scene bob just lyk mine!
wemo2: yah thx its so kewl!!!!!1111!!!! muffinz

popular: i hate all black people. blacks go die in a hole. i'm the queen of OriginalClub.
ass kisser: zomg lyk true dat!!!!!111 i luff u!!! we worship you and ur wemo doll!!!!!11

noob: hey look at me im so hot
regular person: wtf no that's not you, and put some clothes on!
noob: yah it is
regular person: proof pic?
noob: logs out and never logs in again

wemo2: -posts picture- look at me im so ugly see! -cutz-
regularperson: you're pretty.
wemo2: no im not!!!!!1111 rawr muffinz skittlez
by MissTaraBanks April 25, 2011
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