When you're just SO badass, you have exploding reproductive "juices"
1: "Dude, I'm like, totally, Orgasmically Explosive!"
2: "I think that's medically frowned upon."
1: "Oh well. You know it's awesome."
by Enrique Duque January 20, 2009
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When you yell "ALLAH AKBAR" right before you blow your load in a chick!
Franky closed the deal with Jessica by performing an Arabian orgasmic explosion inside her infidel puss.......
by WESLEY PIPES 420 May 7, 2011
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What happens when you put David Tennant and Johnny Depp in the same movie/scene
movieguru: have you seen 'LA without a map'?
spicygirl: ***EXPLOSIVE ORGASMS***
by Depp'sLover May 8, 2007
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