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An intense feeling of satisfaction in the mouth from eating an oreo cookie after inducing marijuana. Similar sensation to having an orgasm without having any type of sexual contact. Symptoms of an oreogasm include momentary blindness, loss of balance(if standing), and fatigue.
Holy shit, I think I just had an oreogasm.
by Layziee January 10, 2005
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When you take one of the cookies off the Oreo, then stick the cookie with the frosting and stick it in the girls vagina. Then with pleasure lick the frosting off the Oreo in the vagina, Thus resulting in an Oreogasm!
Sam: Guess what I did last night!
Mitchell: What?!?!?!
Sam: I licked the frosting off an oreo inside my girlfriends vagina.
Mitchell: Nice! Did she get an oreogasm?
Sam: Yea! She shot oreo cream everywhere!
by Boony Box January 09, 2009
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When you open a new packet of Oreos and you make a moaning, like you would in an orgasm.

Also, when you eat one and you make an uncontrollable moan.
Mmmm, feels so good to get my fix of an oreogasm.
by Oreobeast August 11, 2011
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When one white male is squished between two fat black females making him have an orgasm, creating the image of an oreo.
I walked in on my roommate Andrew while he was having an oreogasm.

Last night I had the best oreogasm of my life.
by TPimpin' March 30, 2011
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