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Definition one:
Oreo balls: A tasty combination of crushed Oreos and cream cheese rolled into a ball frosted and chilled before served.
Definition two:
Oreo Balls: The rare occurrence of a guy having black balls and a white crank or it could be a sign of a series medical problem.
Dan: Those Oreo balls are the best thing since sliced bread.
Rob: I know I ate like ten of them.

Jim: Did you see that dude it the locker room, his balls were black but his unit was white. He should see a doctor before his shit falls off.
Scott: Yeah, he was born that way. That slut Christine used to bang him, he told her that his great-grandmother hooked up with a black dude so he has some black genes in him. She told him to bad it was your balls and not your dick, then she posted that shit on face book, what a whore.

Jim: Didn’t you used to bang her?
Scott: Who Hasn’t?
Jim: good point.
by Dave Lickersnach December 30, 2014
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