1 to accidentally squirt juice and/or pulp into one’s eye, as from a grapefruit when using a spoon to scoop out a section for eating.

2 to accidentally squirt the inner content from fruits, vegetables and other foods onto one’s face, body or clothing, or onto that of a person nearby.
“Why are you squinting, dear?” “It’s nothing. The grapefruit I was eating just orbisculated into my eye.”
by kidduninkindonuts October 1, 2020
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As a VERB: What it’s called when a citrus fruit squirts juice as you attempt to eat, slice, or peel it.

As a NOUN: The juice that squirts out of a citrus fruit when attempting to eat, slice, or peel it.
V: I love grapefruit, but I know as soon as I stick the spoon in, it will orbisculate into my eye.

N: Ouch! I was peeling an orange and got some orbisculate in my eye!
by Christackleberry March 4, 2021
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When a citrus fruit squirts your eye. The story was reported on both NPR and the CBC show "As it Happens."
My grapefruit orbisculated when I pushed a spoon into it this morning.
by Web Slinger March 4, 2021
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