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The act between a male and a female in which the man applies a line of tooth paste to his erect penises shaft which then the women proceeds to clean her teeth with. It is normally done after sex as a means of both pleasing the male and cleaning the females teeth. A perfect end to any night.
After sex A.F decided on cleaning her teeth. She decide on doing so but also wanted to please her man D.R. She decided on Oral-D.
by D.R.A.F December 09, 2013
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When a woman gives a man a blow job and or hand job until the man is ready to ejaculate. She grasps the penis and has the jizz spread all over her teeth like toothpaste and then begins to brush the jizz on her teeth with the penis like a toothbrush.
My girl doesn't brush her teeth with just any old boring tooth brush and tooth paste, she uses Oral D
by gamer46ful July 07, 2013
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