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An entity that hovers over the subconscious like a fog, yet avoids fields and pastures like cows avoid escalators. His wisdom is exceeded only by the vagueness of his memory. He is fond of saying many things, some of which are more cryptic than others. Orafoura, aside from being an entity, can also be described as a spontaneous feeling, like making a chicken suit from scratch, and not making it out of yellow feathers, but out of scrambled eggs. One of his favorite sayings is, "You must be the perspiration when all the world is deodorant." But that’s just all talk, because Orafoura has no sweat glands.

Here are some other notable Orafoura quotes:

With faith the size of a mustard seed, one can indeed move mountains, but one can hardly be expected to garnish his sandwich.

I’ve never seen a tree cry, but if I were to see one, I’m not sure I’d offer it a tissue, for fear that it would just make it cry harder.

I am a presence that fills up a room, like the laughter that comes from deep within a child who only has one lung.

Sometimes I wish Jim Morrison were still alive, because I’d love to see a concert in which "The Doors" opened up for "The Cars."
by Jarod Kintz August 18, 2007
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