If it was opposite day Pokimane would be an amazing and super attractive streamer. Emphasis on IF IT WAS OPPOSITE DAY because Pokimane fucking sucks
by I eat poop 69 January 15, 2022
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See opposite day.

1. A term used to describe that it is, in fact, opposite day which can only be used on opposite day. The

"not" is usually over-emphasized, and the term usually follows a wink, nudge or other non-verbal que that the speaker means the opposite.
The rational behind this use of the term is that if it is Opposite Day, then the correct way of proclaiming that it's Opposite Day, is by actually proclaiming how it isn't Opposite Day.
This is the most commonly used form of the phrase.

2. A term that is used to genuinely describe how it is not opposite day. This use of the phrase is usually used by those that do not plan on partaking in Opposite Day, and therefor will mention that it's actually "not Opposite Day" when people say it is (or on Opposite Day, isn't). This usually does not work, as the pro-Opposite Day party acts as if the other party is in cahoots with them, not shutting them down.
1. "Guess what today ISN'T. Today is NOT Opposite Day!" *wink* *nudge*

2. "Stop saying that it's opposite day, because it's not Opposite Day." ... "That's not what I meant, I'm not agreeing with you in Opposite language, I'm trying to tell you that it isn't opposite day!" ... "UGH!"
by ItsGordie February 26, 2010
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Opposite day isnt a real day, where you dont do the opposite. People will say nothing opposite. Every other day of the year IS an opposite day.

Oh, and you musnt be reading this on opposite day, or youll understand it. :( (and yes, the smiley isnt opposite)
Guy 1: Hai its opposite day
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Celebrated on April 30th, the opposite of April 1st. The day when you are nice to your boss, teacher, enemy and can be a complete Ahole to your best friends. You can just say the opposite of what you want to say, and confuse/laugh at all the people who dont know why you are saying what you are saying.

Because April fools, has become a cliche.

Also spelled yad etisoppO, and occipatai
Beanerous Brokus I -Did I ever tell you that you look great.

Guy - You muckfluck its opposite Day.
by Beanerous Brokus I July 21, 2006
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¨hey you know how warner bros fired johnny depp instead of amber heard well it was opposite day¨
by pnatth January 5, 2021
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opposite day is every wednesday
kurt’s so ugly, but only on wednesday because it’s opposite day
by TexasAngel1887 June 20, 2019
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On Feb 29. Each 4 years you will be punched if u speak without Bing back words
National Opposite Day is onece every 4 years and you can do all but say back words if a. Girl rejects u on this day she actuly is now your girlfriend/(*_*)\
by National opposed day February 26, 2020
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