when you see your unsuspecting friend with his hands at his sides, you walk up to him and yell Open Chest! and you punch him in the chest as hard as you can..CAUTION! usually results in impaired breathing and chest pains for a few hours.
You: Hey Adam
Adam: Whats up?
You: Open Chest! (punch)
by rim shot May 11, 2005
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A game played by manly (I use this term very loosely) teenage boys, where, if someone doesn't walk around all day with their arms protecting their chest, they will be slapped or punched in the chest.

If you play this game, you have likely never grown ball hair.
These retarded ass kids were playing open chest at lunch today. It made me feel ashamed to be a minor. Shit, a human.
by voorheez January 14, 2008
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when someone receives a punch to the chest because their chest was left unprotected.
i got a bad bruise on my chest because donte got me with open chest earlier
by oxdanig October 17, 2007
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