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A workout program done by Opal Crankshaft and Emily Hanson. When they do this you can often find them sitting and talking to each other. Its not uncommon Emily responding with something witty to something Opal says. Its a great conversation piece as well as a workout.
Opal: What am I gonna get Earl for Christmas next year?

Emily: An Opalrobics DVD?

Opal: (shocked) What in the world would he want with that? Emily Hanson what are you talking about?

Emily: Opalrobics, you know. You, teaching aerobics?

Opal: I get it! Opal plus aerobics! Nice!!

Emily: Its gonna be a hit. Old women everywhere could do it!

(All of a sudden Beatrice Middleton charges into the room)

Beatrice: Hey Hanson. I heard that! You're gonna get it now. I'm gonna work you. We're gonna do this like a Gunny Granny! TEN HUT! MOVE IT NOW!

Opal: (laughing) Beatrice, why do you do that?

Beatrice: Just to scare you and make your heart work better. Its Opalrobics after all!
by Dusty's Baby Powder March 16, 2011
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