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Canadian slang for the action of ejaculating and/or having an orgasm. Can also be used as an expression of sexual gratification at the moment of or before an orgasm. Can be used as a noun in certain situations. Written with a minimum of two "O"s however may be lengthened depending on the context or the user's duration of orgasm. Most often used in the context of squeckths and geckths.
Jeff: "Babe I'm gonna oooths all over you."

Dan: "Ooooths . , . that felt great."

Fraz: "I got my ooooths all over ya!"
by Westfrey August 26, 2017
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When someone says they are telling the truth but they arent.
Sean: Bro I smashed your sister last night
by pancakes232 October 31, 2017
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