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Similar to oops, or whoops, in that you are taking note that you did something that deserves an oops like bumping into someone or knocking something over. Only oosp is used when you have either done an oops intentionally or after performing an oops, really don't care. It has more of a "damn, hahaha" attitude rather than an "aww, I'm sorry" one.
Oops situation - *knocks over a lamp* "Oops, I'm so sorry!"

Oosp situation - *knocks over a lamp* "Hah, oosp."
by Danves August 28, 2006
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Basically, the term "oops" mispelt by typing inaccuracy. Soon thereafter being given the definition of "underarm fat". Most commonly seen on elderly substitute teachers.
Substitue teacher: Good afternoon class. I'm Mr's henline, your substitue teacher.

As she proceeds to write her name on the blackboard...

Me: dude, do you see the oosp hanging off her arm? Fuckin' gross...
by ChaosSoldier October 21, 2007
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