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Oolaohmiumpa: (pronounced ooo-lay-oh-mee-um-pa)
can be used as a noun, verb, adjective, adverb
origin: the root of kathryn's heart
Common use: I oolaohmiumpa you Israel

1: to adore, love, admire, be happy about the pairing of, respect, appreciate, pour heart into, hope for, display pining, feel in need of, unable to explain the thoughts, feelings and understanding of, unable to live without, co-dependent, thankful, be find of, completely have fallen for...(Israel S.)
2: of, or pertaining to the relationship of someone or some deity that is also known or refered by the earthly name of Israel S.
As in: My heart is in a state of oolaohmiumpa that I simply cannot see anything but him. (Noun)
It is only then, that my oolaohmiumpaing heart was able to grasp the fact that what we have is beyond measure. (Adjective)
When i began to oolaohmiumpa him, everything else seemed so far in the background. (Verb)
I preoceeded with oolaohmiumpaly actions. (Adverb)

I oolaohmiumpa you Israel

Notes: this word has been formulating since the end of 2007 and progresses as this is typed. It will constantly be augmented and updated.
by kati AKA Nobbins February 04, 2009
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