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the plural of oogling, to eat pasta, and confuse puffins with penguins...

Also a species of lizard that can only be found in southern Leitrim, also known as Tractors.

These tractors can occasionally transform into tapeworms, and when you go to hell you may be needing some, but the tapes all used up!!!!!! the horror, how could you survive with the power of no tape... for eternity, and you have to use other stuff such as masking tape, or baked beans.

pie, pie, pie, pie, pie, pie
when you walk down the street and all out of the blue you die, but then you shout 'Oogley' and then you come back to life. happens to me all the time, not a very pleasant feeling i can tell you

when you get constipation, and this causes tape worms to appear, and eat your SOUL!!!!! :L
by I. Nadel January 09, 2009
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