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A disease that causes some aspects of your physical and mental/emotional health will become stronger. For example, your mind and emotions will be able to withstand pain (as well as pleasure) better than most. Your overall physical body will be stronger than most living creatures as well.

Any guy you see from the ages of 14-35 (sometimes above 35) is extremely attractive Other people will notice the benefits of this cure, or lets call it medicine.

Mainly adult guys will stare at you like idiots in public, although 99% of these guys will be adults
You will also sometimes have the urge to be a little inappropriate on Le Internet.

The CDC recommends to stay away from anyone with the ooflish disease. every 1 out of 10 people are likely to have this disease.

The CDC has also provided information saying that the only way to prevent getting infected with this disease is to stay as far away from anyone who is infected.

Everyone infected should buy medicine, now available in all Safeway stores this fall.
Person A: George is hot.

Person B: Oh my god, do you have the ooflish disease?
by Purple420 June 03, 2018
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