1.) A group of people who claim to love Super Junior, but don't accept the whole Super Junior Family. Super Junior was originally a 13-member South Korean boy band of mass popularity. SM Entertainment tried to introduce 17-year-old Chinese-Canadian Henry Lau as the 14th member, but because a large amount of Korean fans went apeshit SM had to backtrack, and claim that Henry was never a part of the original group, and only going to be a part of a sub-group, SJM along with Zhou Mi.

These people that say they only support the original 13 are also know for ridiculing, criticizing, booing off the stage, and sending death threats to the additional two members.

Only13-ers accept and reject information at will, and completely ignore the fact that the rest of Super Junior love and accept Henry and Zhou Mi. The numerous times various members say that they don't accept fans that bash their fellow members also seems to fall of deaf ears.
2.) People who are just plain illogical, and won't listen when even their favorite member of the group tells them to STFU and GTFO if they're going to bash Henry or Zhou Mi.
3.) People who have no respect for human emotions because they have no basic human decency.
4.) People who support something that doesn't even exist anymore, since one member, Hangeng, left the group completely to pursue his own career.
Ex. #1:
Only13 Person: I hate Henry and Zhou Mi! I wish they would die! there are only 13 members of Super Junior. Heechul-Oppa, I love you!

Kim Heechul: I don't accept the people who bash my members! The fans who try to hurt my friends aren't my real fans!

Ex. #2:
Only13 People *chanting*: We will protect Super Junior! Only 13! Only 13! Only -

Siwon: BE QUIET!!!!
by Peaseblossom85 August 8, 2011
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