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Not to be confused with onion boy.
Onionboy a.k.a onision is how onision was called by leafyishere in his video "The onision rant".
Person 1: have you seen onionboy?
Person 2: who?
Person 1: Onision, thats how leafy called him.
by XAngeled July 06, 2016
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An Onion Boy is a male that drifts in the shadows of society commonly partaking in the use of illegal substances and constantly searching for female affection, a variety of females is always preferred. Onion boys aren't picky in there selection and can often be accused of sexual acts with the disabled or minors. They are often referred to as a "creep" or "sex pest"!
"Dude who's a famous Onion Boy?"

"Well Charlie sheen is a well know onion boy"
by Cornielius October 18, 2016
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The main character in the book "The Adventures of Onion Boy". Created and Illustrated by Athena Mariah LaRue. Onion Boy is the Leader of a fictional Mutant Revolution.
Onion Boy would be listed under the genus: Allium Sapiens
by slimy snail January 23, 2007
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onion boy smelling makes you cry
smells like onions but we don't know why
Adder is an onion boy
by danjo mcbanjo February 03, 2005
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