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Define Ongorb: An evil, conniving bitch who is selfish and fat and makes fun of innocent people that she goes to school with because of things they do/wear and then she goes and does the same thing. She is a man whore and sucks more dick then anyone and has a very large penis herself. She uses extra large condoms. She has stretched out the vagina of one of her crushes that she has liked since 7th grade. He only fucks around with her because he can't get anyone else because he's ridiculous and goes for girls that are easy. She also has a laugh that drives people crazy. It's gross and she usually heaves her upper body forward and covers her mouth and squints her eyes. That laugh is either very loud, or silent. Most people prefer the silent laugh, since no one likes her raspy voice.

Synonyms Ongorb: Easy, Slutty, Nasty, Fat, Ugly, Gross, Manly, Fat, Skanky, Disgusting, Easy, Fat, Fat, Fat, Gross, Ugly, Disgusting, etc.
Oh my god, she's like a freaking Ongorb!
by Harblegarble April 09, 2007
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