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One Touch One Bounce abrv.( One T One B) is a playground football game where you have a group of people 2 or more in a circle formation. The aim of the game is to keep playing while trying to get people out. You are only allowed one touch to get someone out or play until someone messes up a kick as well as one bounce although having no bounces are allowed.

You can kick the ball in anyway possible but the other players must be able to reach the ball or else they will be out.

The game can be fast paced and you can do volleys or play it to see how many touches everyone in total gets.

The first person out starts the final by throwing the ball in the middle in the air(between two people) . If the ball bounces between two people and hard to tell who was closer it is 50/50 and no one is out.

Head skank are allowed (headering the ball to someone can be done quickly and takes skill to master}

foot skank are not (kicking the ball purposely at someones feet at high speed and they cannot react quick enough

If the ball hits the kerb and fence and bounces back then play on or if other players could have reached it then you are still in.

Written by some guy who adapted the first version when introduced in our school.
Lets go to the playground and play One Touch One Bounce
by Jon defines March 10, 2018
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