A phrase often following "that's what she said" or a "your mom" joke, which is used to extend a sexual innuendo. First made popular in Southern New Hampshire by Anna L.
"That was the best tasting hot dog I've ever had!"
"That's what she said... on the kitchen counter!!!"
by Maximilliondollarbillz September 17, 2008
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can be defined as the actual term.. a kitchen counter. Or you could use it as a sexual remark. Like having kinky sex on the kitchen counter
we kitchen countered it and didnt finish supper
by cory December 5, 2004
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bigpuffer's kitchen counter is such a bigpuffer simp, they have been nicknamed his counter due to.. jokes.. that were made
omg he's THE bigpuffer's kitchen counter, omg
by M0onl1gh1 September 28, 2022
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