An individual who believes all gods, and religions.
by Ladiesman92 January 2, 2011
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A religion or way of thinking that encompasses believing in all religions, or believing that all religion has the possibility to be the correct outcome. AKA: agnostic on hipster steroids. AKA: a proper version of neutralist
Jo: "hey dave... are you christian?"
Dave: "Eh.. sort of... im omnist.. so that includes christian"
Jo: "okayyy"
by Loopwhole January 11, 2019
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A state of peak sexual attractiveness where it is apparent that one's schlong has reached maximum length as well as girth, otherwise known as big dick energy.
Cullen is looking really omnistive today...
by 4nonhumans May 18, 2020
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Someone who is a Jesus Omnist is someone who practices Omnism in a sense that we are one with all religions. But specifically with Jesus being the messiah, the son of god, the belief that Jesus Christ is the common denominator. What does this mean? Christianity, Catholicism, Judaism, Muslim, amongst others, of him being acknowledged all define what encompasses Jesus Omnism. we don't discredit any messiah's path but we point to written evidence that acknowledges the walk of Christ.
That guy believed that Christ was his savior. But he's reading the Quran. He's such a Jesus Omnist.
by Iamdaniellemorgan February 24, 2022
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