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The belief that all religions and people are connected in some way or another. Omnicists believe in almost all religions (such as Buddhism and Christianity) but only believe in certain aspects of those religions.

First created by Andrew Edwards (year 2007) in the attempt to better the world through religion. Omnicism believes that in the beginning of time there was one religion in which everyone took part of. it is also believed that this religion might have been lost with the creation of different nations/religions. By splitting the religions into different parts many different names came to be known as the God (such as Buddha, God, etc.), and that with different names came different practices.

Now, Omnicism is different from other religions in that Omnicists believe that everyone goes to Heaven if they do good deeds and except the "Almighty One" in their lives. Omnicists also believe in staying healthy and living life to its fullest. Most Omnicists are often seen doing extreme sports and other thrilling events. Omnicism is not practiced as much as Christianity or other religions but with some help there might be a place for all people to live together in harmony.
"He believes in Buddha and God, so he must believe in Omnicism!"
by Omniman March 21, 2007
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