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An OmniSelfie is the supposedly proclaimed, "totally perfect Selfie" by many who consistently use messaging and post sites such as Twitter.

There is no OmniSelfie in existence, considering that photoshopping, absurd effects, plastic surgery, and charismatic makeup are simply cheat codes towards attaining such an impotent thing as a "general Selfie". OmniSelfies are pointless, and any other offspring of the, "Selfie" is simply one's self-eccentric portrait pasted to the Internet like a palm stuck on to a face.

There is yet no profound meaning to an OmniSelfie.
Person A.) I have been working for fifteen hours onto accruing the OmniSelfie!

Person B.) What's so beneficial about me viewing your face, anyway?

Person A.) Like, totally shut up!

Person B.) I have a feeling your mind is going to shut down.
by Ninja of Logic May 26, 2014
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