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word used to describe people who think they know more than anyone else. Synonyms: know-it-all, smart ass. Derived from omniscient. Made by Nigerian musician Waje and popularized by young entertainer Emanuella.
Teacher: Emanuella, give me an example of a big animal.
Emanuella: The big fish that swallowed Jonah
Teacher: It is not possible for a whale to swallow a human because it has a small throat.
Emanuella: But it's in the bible. My uncle told me.
Teacher: What does your uncle know! I studied zoology.
Emanuella: Anyway, you're my teacher, so obviously you know better. But when I die & go to heaven, I will ask Jonah.
Teacher: And what if Jonah is not in heaven?
Emanuella: Then when you go to hell, ask him.
(The teacher looks at her shocked while the other pupils are laughing.)
Emanuella: Humph. Ominiknowest.
by Cerise Precious December 20, 2016
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