The dark side of {fanfiction...

An AU (Alternate Universe) where there are "Alpha" people and "Beta" people and "Omega" people, etc. In this AU, Omegas go through times of the year/month (depending on what you read) where they are "in heat" like animals. They need to be "knotted"- when an Alpha has sex with them and comes inside them- to feel release from pain. Depending on what you read, the Omega may require this more than once or just once. Alphas cannot resist the smell of an Omega in heat and will try to have sex with them. Betas are very common, Alphas are somewhat rare, and Omegas are rare, making them valuable. In some stories, Omegas are treated like gods because the best sex is with an Omega. In other,s they are treated like animals or slaves, sold, caged, traded, etc.

This genre of smut fanfiction was started in the Supernatural fandom and spread to Anime fandoms like wildfire. Omega verses are most prevalent in Anime fandoms, particularly Fairy Tail, Blue Exorcist, and other, mostly fantasy, Animes. You can still find it in the Supernatural fandom, however.

There is a lot of stigma surrounding omega verses that portray the Omegas as slaves due to themes of rape, sexual violence, and just non-consensual sex in general.

If I were you, I'd stay far, far away.
Person A: "Hey, what's your favorite fanfic trope?"

Person B: "I'm really into the Omega Verse stuff."

Person A: "Oh my god, that's really disturbing!"

Person B: "What can I say? It turns me on."
by Now You Know... July 17, 2019
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The different omegaverse, its just a bunch of crabs living inside each planet with each crab raving every once or so
Person 1: i like omega's verse
Person 2: your disgusting
Person 1: the other one.
Person 2: i also like crabs.
by Oursio July 17, 2022
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Omega Solo The Verse No Jutsu is a powered up version of Solo The Verse No Jutsu, but is different in many ways. There are 3 phases of Omega Solo The Verse No Jutsu.

Phase 1: Future Trunks pauses all of Reality, Time, and Space by just twitching his index finger on his right hand, he then steals every fraction of power, speed, hacks, and durablity his opponent has, giving them Immobile Speed, Wall level attack potency, and can barely survive a hit from a rock.

Phase 2: Future Trunks dislocates himself from Time, Space, and Reality, meaning he is completely invincible while charging up Omega Solo The Verse No Jutsu, Future Trunks also becomes completely immortal, and can come back from being erased if they somehow do manage to keep their erasure hacks.

Phase 3: Future Trunks uses Omega Solo The Verse No Jutsu. The blast from this attack deletes his opponent at the speed of Beyond the concept of Space and Time. The blast of Omega Solo The Verse No Jutsu is past the concept of Logic.

Future Trunks uses Omega Solo The Verse No Jutsu on Featherine, The Presence, and SCP-3812 all at the same time! Future Trunks is now above the tiering system and solos fiction.
by June 27, 2021
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