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Omar M is the coolest friend THATS A BOY, I know. He makes people laugh hysterically. His actions are so amusing too! He picks up the girls easily and never fails to surprise me or make me laugh. Sometimes he gets a blank stare that makes you helplessly smile. His hair is like a gods! On the outside he is actually very fit but never feels like it. A very specific person *cough* ME! Has a huge crush on him just saying. He is actually a sweetheart at...well HEART! Of course you may think he is thhe meanest person you have ever known but actually. He is my friend and tbh I wouldn’t give him up, not even for a cure for cancer. I really hope this changes his mind about himself!
Omar M is currently being defined as the coolest guy in my world
by carrrrrllayPower<3 June 03, 2018
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