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She is a great best friend. She is super fun, pretty, weird (in a good way), loves performing and does all of it with a smile.

Guy1: Do you think i shoud give Olivia Phillips these flowers?
Guy2: Let me see if they smell good. If they don't, you shouldn't. (takes the flowers and walks towards Olivia Phillips)
Guy1: Where are you going?
Guy2: I'm giving these to Olivia Phillips. She is totally pretty!
Guy1: Hey!


Girl1: Who is that girl?
Girl2: That is Olivia Phillips! Duh!
Girl1: She is so good at dancing! After the show, I'm going to ask if we can be BFFs.
Girl2: If i had a penny for every time someone said that, I would be a billionair
by sopdif213 January 06, 2014
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