BEST PERSON YOU'LL EVER MEET! Usually a brunette who is in perfect shape. Gorgeous. Loves to sing(and actually good at it). A friend that you can actually keep and hold on to. Trustworthy. Olivia is probably one of the smartest and most intelligent people you'll ever meet. Don"t let an Olivia go.
Guy: Who is Olivia H?
Girl: Probably one of the best people you'll ever meet. You should snag her before someone else does. If you don't then you'll regret it.
by Admirer/ Fuck-buddy July 13, 2012
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Olivia H has blue eyes and long blonde hair she is so sweet and funny and will do anything for her friend you need to find yourself and olivia and never lose her she may move away from you to somewhere but you need to throw that girl a bomb ass going away party
Girl 1: hey so i know you are leaving me but you are coming over to my house and im throwing a bomb ass going away party

Olivia H : omg thank you so much you are the best friend ever i love you
by Hyah September 06, 2019
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