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Derived from the ancient Aztecan word, Olincas was a spicy dip that usually went along with chips that were made from corn dried by the sun. Any woman holding the title of Olinca is usually a feisty independent woman who is typically on the prowl. Although she is tiny in stature, her beauty causes even the gayest of men to get into car accidents at the sight of her. Despite her small frame, she can go toe to toe with even the burliest of men in a bar fight. With that being said, Olinca has the compassion equivalent to that of 10,000 burning suns, which is displayed by her community service at the local spca where she bottle-feeds orphaned kittens.
Hey look, Olinca is arm wrestling Rick, while bottle-feeding that orphan kitten.

That girl is such an Olinca.
by Dr.Dickles January 15, 2013
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