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the oldest unit on camp, so therefore the greatest unit on camp. loosely means "leaders" but literally it means "people who go up". trip to Montreal, Ben & Jerry's factory, and Cape Cod Potato Chip Factory.

Olim is more than just a unit. Its a family.
1) Olim 20dozen was the best olim ever!
2) Those Olimers are so cool, i can't wait to be just like them!
by Olimer October 29, 2012
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Olim (Oh'leem)
function: noun
1a: a unit composed of boys and girls going into 10th grade b: the oldest unit on camp c: trips to Niagara Falls and Montreal and captains of Color War
2: way more than just a unit; it's a family
Girl 1- Damn, those Olim are sweet!
Girl 2- I can't wait until we're in Olim!

Boy 1: Olim 2006 had the hottest girls! I'm going to miss them next year!!
Boy 2: Oh, I know! Camp wont be the same without them. They we're the best captains ever.
by Leah K. October 18, 2006
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