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The Olgawy was born in 540 AD, it is a half-female, half-male creature. It refers to itself as human but it is not one. It is a stupid creature, that constantly makes lame jokes and laughs at them. The "Olgawy" has a strange body; and one of the signs of the Olgawy is that is jealous from every girl alive. The Olgawy is the son/daughter of the Big Foot and a female gargoyle. It likes to wear Goth clothing to disguise itself, but its ugliness is spotted anyways, and people run away from its disgusting smell. Some people say you can smell the Olgawy from 1 Km away, as it is the most disgusting smell ever. Some have died from it.

For centuries the "Olgawy" has been hunted down by people, and in more than one attempt, it was nearly killed. However, it has managed to escape everytime and it is currently hiding somewhere in Egypt, precisely in "6th October City". The place where it was last spotted.

An example of the "Olgawy's" stupidity is it had gotten "itself" a piece of meat and was carrying it home in his/her mouth to eat it in peace. On its way home it had to cross a plank lying across a running brook. As it crossed, it looked down and saw its own shadow reflected in the water beneath. Thinking it was another Olgawy with another piece of meat, it made up its mind to have that also. So The Olgawy made a snap at the shadow in the water, but as it opened its mouth the piece of meat fell out, dropped into the water and was never seen more.
"OOHH, what is that disgusting smell?"
"Did anybody fart?"
"No, its way worse than a fart"
"OMG, Im chocking to death"
"I know what that is, its the Olgawy, run away quickly!"
They never made it, and the 4 of them died.
by The Superior 1 April 27, 2010
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