Term used by law enforcement to describe an old police officer who is set in his ways, as when salt gets old it becomes crusty and hardens together.
SGT. Diaz explained to the rookie to not take it personal that Officer Klondike never asked him for assistance, as everyone knew that Klondike was an Old Salt that wanted nothing to do with rookies.
by Sacramento Solon December 24, 2018
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An experienced sailor, generally on the East Coast, with loads of sea wisdom and tales to tell.
I enjoyed meeting your grandfather, he’s a proper Old Salt.
by OldMoneyBunny August 25, 2022
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SAME SALT...nothings changed but the shaker.
I would be careful about believing all the new upgrades he

promises. He has been known to put old salt in a new shaker.
by talk2me-JCH2 January 9, 2023
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Man-Shmeg Bermudas Orange Tang Old Salt
Todd's dad Burnee just got back from a weekend sea tour of the Bermudas. He left a crusty ring of orange crumbs on Todd's toilet seat to say howdy. That's the old salt all right.
by SpaceQueen222 December 24, 2018
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