Another word for 'The Devil'
Reeled off in a seventies horror film as one of the many slang words for Satan possibly ancient English possibly used like 'you be careful out there lad you'll be gotten by "Old Nick"'
by Mellowchatter October 9, 2009
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Old Nick is the hottest man you will EVER meet. He’s extremely funny, especially when he moans. He can be aggressive when mad. His dog is often sick and he owns a red pick up truck.
madi: you see old guy with the red truck and the sick dog?
gabrielle: that must be an old nick
by thisisnotmelanie November 11, 2018
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An old Australian with low self esteem and steroid issues.
"Old Nick you suck."
by Merassmunch November 6, 2014
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The real name for the man you breaks into your house and eats everything you have, but only leaves a box of coal under your tree.
by Random perosn February 22, 2019
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Old Saint Nick was a gay turtle who used to make chicken and candy in 1800 bc
by Illeb December 22, 2021
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