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A creepy old man who rapes and ejaculates on people who live in unheated homes in the winter. Characterized by an icicle dick and two large snow balls. On walks to school or work he is the one blowing his load on your exposed skin. He has no mercy and is a rat bastard.
-Dude, I put on as many layers as possible but old man winter some how got through to my ass and had his way with me.

-That's nothing dude. I woke up this morning and he'd blown his load on my face and there wasn't enough hot water in the tank to shower it all off.
by Peter North Pole December 07, 2007
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You can look at her face and tell she ain't got that WAP.
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Old Man Winter is an old, elderly person who is cold-hearted and cruel. He is the kind of person that most people don't like.
by lyman March 14, 2005
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While in the midst of performing cunnilingus, the act of forcefully exhaling into a woman's vaginal canal. Peforming an Old Man Winter will often cause the recipient to experience sudden and violent vaginal flatulence.
Dude, I did an Old Man Winter on my girlfriend last night. She queefed immediately and then slapped me.
by poorlygrownbeard November 17, 2010
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Old Man Winter is someone that is like a hobo but lives in a house

aka daniel Wynter
old man winter... "lots"

look up "lots" for meaning
by Gareth Littlehales November 21, 2004
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