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The worst school in all of Johnson County. It's full of snotty, overprivileged, rich brats with no sense of empathy to others. Plus, they act like they're so great at sports when their teams suck. Plus, their mascot is a symbol of death and evil. and the mascot is also a pathetic bird. They force conformity and give kids detentions for being 5 seconds late to class. They also steal taxpayer's money to support their pathetic E-comm and Aerospace programs (which they frequently brag about).
Olathe Northwest? You mean douchebag and tyranny high school?
by KopyKatH20 June 15, 2016
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the most stuck up school in olathe
person #1: whats that school where everyone comes to school drunk and then goes to the bathroom, passes out and then pees on themself

person #2: o haha its olathe north west


PERSON 1: dang this school sux its got no pretty girls and nooooooooooooooooooooo black people why did i go to olathe northwest
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the meaning of Swag. A mediocre sports team but on the ride in football, mainly a white school with quite a few hispanics and very low black students. Students have a high amount of class unlike those goal spitters at north, south, and east. We are the most intelligent of the olathe schools and have the chillest teachers, we have desks and tech from this millineum. The newest school in Olathe district.
"Damn that boys got swag". "He must attend Olathe Northwest"
Mainly used #RavenPrideorDie on twitter.
by Owen W. Raven November 24, 2011
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The rich kid school and the school that does the most drugs. The people are pretty chill, the most stuck up ones are the ones from the ghetto who refuse to accept that we are fortunate for what we have. Most people are funny and would accept you for who you are. No cliques just groups. We are just people. Aight you haters, we arent sluts and whores but we aren't rich kids. There are a lot richer people out there. Just down right fun, and smart people go there
Friend- "Do you like olathe northwest?"
Friend 2- "Ya man, it's pretty chill there!"
by Livmusic February 24, 2011
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